Class Schedule

Fall 2020

We offer a variety of classes that span all skill levels from preschool to elite competition.  

In addition, we offer Judo (self-defense), Parkour, and Aerial silk classes for children and adults of all skill levels!

Preschool & Kindergarten 

Fall 2020

Designed especially for our little ones! Our preschool and kindergarten programs help develop coordination and fundamental skills... all while having fun!

Developmental Programs

Fall 2020

Developmental programs provide the foundation for growing skills and confidence in gymnastics. Students begin working on vault, bars, beam, and floor.

Tumbling Programs

Fall 2020

Our tumbling program builds confidence in techniques and dynamics for individual tumbling skills.


Fall 2020

This discipline involves seeing one's environment in a new way and imagining the potential for navigating it by movement around, across, through, over, and under its features.




Fall 2020

Your child will gain confidence, discipline, and individual achievement through the ancient practice of Judo. These classes are available for all age skill levels.

Aerial Silks

Fall 2020

Aerial silk classes teach fun acrobatic exercises while hanging from special fabrics affixed to the ceiling! Students will increase their strength and flexibility as

Lorri Lancaster of Aerial Elements teaches basic hangs, climbs, locks, and inversions.

Please contact Southern Elite Gymnastics Academy 

if you're interested in the Aerial Silks class.

Experience is not required!

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